Analytical Capabilities

The analysis team support a variety of needs for research and manufacture, providing quality control and quality assurance to both GMP and non-GMP manufacturing, including analytical method development and validation, stability test, structure identification, impurity and sample testing.

Primary Analytical Equipment

·  HPLC, 8×Agilent1260, 3×Agilent1100, 3×SHIMADZU LC-20A

·  2×Centrifuge, 4×Blast Air Oven, Muffle Furnace,

·  2×Shaking Bath, Halogen Moisture Calcimetre

·  GC, 2×Agilent GC7890A with 7967A headspace, Agilent GC8890 with 5977B MSD

·  TGA, LC-MS, Ion Chromatography, potentiometric titrator

·  Stability Room