Quality is the key to success

We see quality system part of our core competitiveness. We have successfully implemented our Quality Policy and Management System, ensuring compliance with ISO, cGMP and ICH Q7 guidelines.

Ensuring Reliable Delivery

We commit to trustworthy supply chain management starts with our executive team and extends through every aspect of the process with careful oversight by management bodies. Our purchasing group is resourceful in China's chemicals market. Our facilities are built in accordance with local government's requirements. And while some chemical producers in China have been encountered with safety and quality issues, in Stonycreek, we proudly keep our safe production record of zero fatal injuries/casualty.

Our Supplier

For key raw materials, we typically produce these in our own plant to ensure stable supply and quality. For raw materials from vendors, we choose those suppliers who had been in the industry for many years of running experience, and establish long deep partnership with them. And mostly of them are in close proximity so we can regularly audit their sites to ensure the quality of our raw material.

Trust in Our Commitment to Supply Chain Integrity

· Top to bottom management support

· Good audit record by national regulatory authorities (NMPA and others)

· Deep experience in China chemicals market, including regular audits of our key suppliers

· Sophisticated logistics group to manage shipping, import/export, and warehousing needs